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  • Laying Aside the Weight

    Laying Aside the Weight

    What do you do when you feel wounded by people who don’t even seem to care? What do you do when it seems like those people are going on just fine while you cry, pace the floor and desperately seek a solution? I’ve been walking with the Lord long enough to know that when I’ve been driven to my knees in searing soul-pain, I better make good use of that time on my knees. When I was on my knees, crying and writing in my journal, I heard the Lord say, “Lay it down.”

  • A Word for you on Good Friday

    Hello and Happy Good Friday! Today as I was thinking about the decision that Jesus had to wrestle with in the Garden the night before the Crucifixion, I felt the Lord impress me to give a prophetic word to many of you who are struggling with a decision right now. Watch today’s video to hear […]

  • Ignition and Activation: Prepare for Launch!

    Do you know what the difference is between Ignition and Activation? Do you know what God is igniting you to do? How will you know when it’s time to Activate? Join me as I answer those 3 questions in this video message.

  • Laying Aside the Weight: 3 Steps to throwing off habits and thought patterns that are holding you back

    “God created everything and has given us the freedom to enjoy all that He created. But when one of those things becomes something He didn’t create it to be, or if He simply knows that we are called to sacrifice that freedom for a higher purpose, then hanging on to that thing becomes a weight for us.”

  • Kidnapped: Tuning our heart to the sound of rescue

    In this video post, I share another story from the life of our new friend, Abigail found in the book of 2 Samuel. Do you feel kidnapped by your circumstances? Were you completely caught off guard by a situation that has you feeling trapped and hopeless? In this video, I tell a the second part […]

  • Flip the Switch: Going from Victim to Victor, Defeated to Defended, Intercepted to Intercessor

    In this video post, I share a personal story from my life and how God used a little-known woman from the Old Testament to take me from victim to victor, from feeling defeated to feeling defended, and from being intercepted by crisis to a place of powerful intercession. If you are in a season of […]

  • What’s Love Got to Do With It?: Thoughts on racism in light of the George Floyd killing

    What’s love got to do with it? These days we’re hearing a lot from the news outlets about the horrors of racism played out in the worst ways – before our very eyes.  And while I hate the fact that innocent men (and women) have died at the hands of bigots, I am grateful that […]

  • “Grace, grace to it!”: a YouTube message

    “Grace, grace to it!”: a YouTube message

    A couple of weeks ago, I shared the message below with our congregation.  Many people have since approached me to tell me that they were encouraged and applied the word immediately to their lives.  That, of course, is the best news I could ever hear! Are you in a season that seems impossible? Are you […]

  • Girlfriends: For better or worse

    When I was in sixth grade, I was bullied all year by two girls in my class. I know that in this day and age of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, bullying has gone to new levels of cruelty that I doubt I could have survived. I barely survived the one year of torment I endured […]

  • Summer thunderstorm deconstructed: The beauty & power of the storm that came and went

    I love a summer thunderstorm. I love the humidity that fills the air, the roll of thunder in the distance, the flashes of lightening that streak across the sky and the sound of crickets chirping invisibly in the twilight. As I sit at my desk tonight, those sounds float in my window filling me with […]

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