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Higher Pursuit Ministries


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Workbook Activations Included

Are you stuck in emotional pain? Do you want to find your purpose, but can’t seem to get free from the emotions that hold you back?

My new book, Repurpose Your Pain, is a guide for breaking free from the past and stepping into your God-given purpose.

Our Mission

Higher Pursuit Ministries Exists to bring prophetic clarity to the word of God so that people can effectively apply it to their lives, walk in freedom, and become established in firm faith.


Explore our latest blog posts for valuable insights, inspiration, and teachings that will help you apply God’s Word to your everyday life.

I am Cecily Lachapelle, wife to my best friend, John, a mother of four amazing adults, a stepmother of two spectacular young women, and a grandmother to 7 of the world’s most precious grandchildren. I am an author, blogger, and prophetic teacher of the Word. I speak at Women’s Conferences and have been a frequent speaker in my home church pulpit. I was called to teach God’s Word the night I got saved at age 17, and while raising a family would put a full-time calling off for a few years, all throughout my walk with Jesus, the Lord has been revealing mysteries and amazing truth to me through His Word and His voice speaking to my heart.

Burning with the desire to see people encouraged, edified and exhorted by the Truth the Lord was sharing, I write blogs, and share messages from my home pulpit as well as at Women’s Conferences and Bible studies. I’ve been gifted to teach the Word in a way that is engaging and easy to understand, inspiring people to find freedom, encouragement, and endurance both through the Word and learning to hear His voice. There is absolutely nothing better to me than hearing from someone that something I shared made as profound of an impact in their life as it did in mine!

I founded Higher Pursuit Ministries as an avenue to share the Word on more platforms. Higher Pursuit Ministries is based in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the United States.

I’m glad that you found our website! I believe that you will be blessed. Let’s pursue our highest and best in Christ together!


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