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Cecily Lachapelle

Hey, my name is Cecily Lachapelle!

I am a wife and mother to 6 wonderful kids…yes, I said six.  I didn’t birth all six of them.  When my husband, John, and I married over 15 years ago, we created a Brady Bunch of sorts.  I brought four children – a daughter and three sons, and he brought two girls.

I am a native New Englander. I love the beach, the mountains, good food, and football (I’ve been a BIG Patriot’s fan before it was cool to be one!). I love to cook and you will most likely find me scanning PaleoOMG.com or Pinterest for my next recipe challenge. I am a fitness freak, indulging in Spin, Kickboxing, and Insanity classes along with running and working out at home.

But my greatest passion is finding hidden treasures and bold Truth in God’s Word and teaching it in such a way that everyone can understand and remember what they heard.  Nothing thrills me more than when someone comes up to me and says that they have been changed by something I taught (especially when they remember the message better than I do!).  I am a late bloomer in the blogosphere as I was very busy raising 6 children, volunteering in their schools, starting my career as an Executive Assistant, being the Worship and Arts director at my church, and then recently taking the directorship of the Women’s Ministry.

Life with 6 kids in a blended family posed more challenges than the Apollo 13 team had to face, and has given me endless messages and potential blog posts!  I speak at Women’s Conferences and at my church as a guest minister from time to time. My husband John is a stalwart supporter of everything I do and is my greatest cheerleader. Now that the children are grown (they keep coming home, though!), I have more time to write and speak about these wonderful life lessons regarding faith, blended family life, financial and marital challenges, and the joys of watching God show off His faithfulness.

I feel that people identify with me because I have experienced a variety of life challenges from divorce, single-parenting, being in the trenches blending a family, loving an addict, the stresses of ministry and marketplace jobs, raising children in an ungodly world, and the life change of children growing up and becoming adults.   I have not only survived but thrived as a result of every difficult and unforeseen circumstance.  I love to boast about God’s faithfulness and the importance that my day-to-day, intimate relationship with Jesus has made through it all.  I share keys and practical steps that encourage women (and men!) to pursue the Lord for themselves and not sell their ability to hear from God short. My favorite topics to talk and write about are hearing God’s voice, journaling for life, and hanging on to the Lord when things are tough.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts – the good, the bad, and the ugly – with you, whoever you are.  Let’s do some Christ-centered life together!

~ Cecily

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