Flip the Switch: Going from Victim to Victor, Defeated to Defended, Intercepted to Intercessor

In this video post, I share a personal story from my life and how God used a little-known woman from the Old Testament to take me from victim to victor, from feeling defeated to feeling defended, and from being intercepted by crisis to a place of powerful intercession. If you are in a season of devastation and loss, and if you are struggling with fear, anxiety and depression because of a situation beyond your control, then this word is for you.

What about you?

  • Are you struggling with a feeling of powerlessness over a situation beyond your control? Do you feel as I did as if your emotions are in the blender?
  • Do you need a peace that passes understanding?
  • In a journal, write down your heartache and anxiety and then bring it to Jesus’ feet. Repent for your part, for holding bitterness and doubt in your heart. If someone else is responsible for this situation, bring their sin to the Lord and ask for mercy. Standing in the gap as an intercessor is a privilege we have as the bride of Christ and it is the only position that honors our trust in Him and His sacrifice for us.

4 responses to “Flip the Switch: Going from Victim to Victor, Defeated to Defended, Intercepted to Intercessor”

  1. Caterina Sullivan Avatar
    Caterina Sullivan

    Thank you Cecily for your video. It ministered to me in a very powerful way!
    I pray you will continue to use your amazing gift from God sharing His love and grace with us. Love you Cecily. God Bless you and the entire family.
    In Christ believing,
    Cathy Sullivan

  2. Cherryl Dumas Avatar
    Cherryl Dumas

    Thank you Secret Angel 🙂

  3. Elizabeth John Avatar
    Elizabeth John

    Thank you Cecily for this beautiful word- so blessed by it!


    Thank you Cecily for this wonderful message. I have seen you rise from that time to where God has taken you through your journey. You are such a strong spiritual woman. I’m looking forward to your next mesxge. Love you lady.

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