Today I decided that it’s time start blogging again in earnest! I have so much in my heart that has been stored over the years and so many experiences that could encourage and bless others. I should share what’s in there, and who knows…it might be the very thing that helps someone else find freedom and peace in their situation. I pray that anything I post will be for the edification and exhortation of those who read.

Six months ago, I wrote a 40-day devotional book based on my journal entries from my separation and early divorce years.  That period of time in my life was the hardest emotional, spiritual and physical trial I have ever experienced.

I felt prompted to write the devotional after I shared at a Women’s Conference at our church about that time in my life.  Not only were the ladies in shock and awe about how God carried me through the unfaithfulness of my spouse and the rejection and pain of the marriage collapse, but also by how I journaled almost every step of my walk with Jesus during that time.  As I spoke, I hoisted the heavy pile of journals high so that they could gaze upon the written installation of my history with God during those excruciating years.

What a joy it was to have women approach me after the event as say, How did you ever get past that? and Could you teach me journal like that?  I was more than happy to share, teach and encourage.  But as the weeks went on, I realized that I should write a devotional.  That way I could help the women in my church in the process of allowing God to heal their heart when the most precious dreams have died but also learn how to journal that process.  Journaling during those years and every year since, has been my lifeline, the way I hear the Lord teach me and speak to me, and where I pour out my most intimate thoughts to the One who can handle them.

In these blog posts, I intend to share portions from that devotional and I look forward to your feedback.  I hope and pray that my journey, for better or worse, can inspire you, help you, encourage you and, most importantly, turn your heart to Jesus.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is One who heals all of our hurts and restores our soul!