Today I prayed for a woman’s back to be healed and it was! But that’s only half of the really cool story…
You see, for the past four days, I’ve been down with a serious sinus infection. Each morning, when I wake up, the right side of my face hurts so badly that I feel as though I just had oral surgery without novacaine! This morning was no different – except for the fact that I was scheduled for altar ministry at our church. In case you’re not familiar with our type of church, lay people who have gone through a course on prayer and intercession, are then put on a rotation to pray with people during or after service for whatever needs they present. So this morning when I woke up with such severe pain, my first thought was to call my team leaders and let them know that I was too sick to fulfill my obligation today. I knew they would be understanding.
But my second thought was more courageous: I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. If someone came up to me at the altar and asked me to pray with them for healing, I would have faith for them to be healed. So why don’t I ask my husband to pray for me, and then go to church anyway. Why don’t I go to church in faith for my healing and in opposition to the symptoms, instead of laying down and accepting the pain?” So that’s what I did.
Here’s where God’s sense of humor comes in…during praise and worship, our Pastor got up and announced that she wanted the altar ministry to come forward to pray with anyone who was in pain or ill. (This is not a usual happening, by the way.) On any other day, I would have been the one to go forward for prayer, because I was still feeling pain in my right sinus and still feeling the weakness of the infection in my body. Yet how ironic is it that I would be scheduled to pray for the sick on the very day when I’m feeling the weakest and the neediest?
Well, right away, this lady approaches me for prayer and states that her back has been injured and for months she can hardly walk or work. So I prayed and released the healing that Jesus Christ paid for on her behalf and after a few moments I felt impressed to ask her to do something that she couldn’t do before. She said that she couldn’t even begin to touch her toes before, so as she leaned forward, she was able to touch not only her toes, but also the floor, with her fingers. When she came back up, her face was beaming and her hands shot up in the air in thanksgiving and praise to God for healing her.

Wow!!! Every time God uses me, I continue to be blown away by the fact that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with me…it’s not my righteousness, my preparedness, or in this case, even my physical strength, that works miracles. God is good and He delights to use us to demonstrate His mercy, love, and power to anyone who is burdened or needy.
Many others have also been supernaturally healed at various services at our church, so if you know anyone who needs a touch from God, contact our church at 207-439-6571 for directions and service times.
God is no respector of persons: what He does for one is legal precedent that He desires to do that for all. His methods may differ from case to case, but His will never does!