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  • What’s the deal with sin? It’s a new day

    Did I just say that out loud?? Do you ever have those moments when you say something and then realize what you said after you hear it come out of your mouth? Most of the time when that happens to me, it’s not a good moment of realization.  It’s usually one where I stand there […]

  • Even If: How do we trust God when things go sideways?

    I recently heard a song that could have been written about a season in my life. The lyrics perfectly describe a situation that I went through over a decade ago…but whose reality still grips my heart. It’s a song by the band, MercyMe and it’s called ‘Even If’. Verse 1: They say, ‘Sometimes you win […]

  • Fruit that Remains: Excerpts from my journals that nourished me and might encourage you, too!

      I can’t take it anymore! I’m so overwhelmed I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown! Have you every felt like that? I have – many times! On one such occasion, I had been trying to make everything work in my own strength but I was in a season where there were too […]

  • What a mess! Can God do anything with this??

    What a mess!! Sometimes it’s easy to look at our life and wonder “Can God do anything with this?” We look at all of our faults and question if there is any way that He will ever be able to truly change the mess inside. But the good news is He already has done something […]

  • Do it like Daniel: Dedicated prayer brings discernment and answers

    Sometimes when I’m reading the Bible, I am prompted to write out the scripture as a prayer or a declaration for myself or for someone else. Other times, what I have read prompts me to write a prayer of dedication as I did in the journal excerpt below. As I am reading in Daniel chapter […]

  • Jesus isn’t Spider Man – He is the Son of Man: So how did he do the miracles he did?

    Was Jesus like Spider Man?  Was He human one minute, changing into a superhero the next?? I used to struggle silently with these questions because it made no sense to me how Jesus could operate at such a miraculous level.  It seemed to me as though God gave Jesus an unfair advantage during his life […]

  • New Video on my YouTube Channel: Chain Breaker -Finding Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

  • Yikes! It’s time to make a change: How to find the strength you need

    Have you ever known that there is a change that you need to make in your life but you have absolutely NO desire to execute that change? Have you ever wrestled with the impossibility that you will be able to follow through or be successful in making the change you know is needed? Maybe you […]

  • Victorious: A word to the Church for the days we are in

    On Sunday, August 20th, the Lord impressed this word on my heart and I shared it with our congregation. I, the Lord your God, am a consuming fire. I am the God who makes days, times and seasons. And your times are in my hands.  The times of all creation are in My hands.  Make […]

  • Thought For the Day: We should REHEARSE all of God’s benefits to ourselves and others

    Thought for the day: Not only should we not FORGET all the Lord’s benefits, but we should REHEARSE all of His benefits OUT LOUD to ourselves and to others.  Speaking about the benefits and blessings of the Lord keeps His presence at the forefront of our minds. It’s too easy to lose sight of God’s […]

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