On January 28th, 1986, the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up in the sky just minutes after launch. An O-ring failure was the cause of the disaster that could have been avoided if the Morton Thiokol and NASA executives had listened to the small group of engineers who vehemently argued that the launch should be postponed due to freezing temperatures at launch time.

How many things have we blown up in our lives because we didn’t give attention to a tiny little o-ring problem? God wants to ignite us with passion for His purpose for our lives, but if He ignites us and we still have an o-ring problem, things are going to blow up. In this message, I use the life of Moses to show what Ignition and Activation look like – the right way and the wrong way!

The Father has a purpose for our freedom beyond merely releasing us from the weights that beset us. He has a plan to ignite us with passion for His will which will launch us into God-inspired and God-directed activation. This only happens when we lean into His voice and obey what we hear. Join me in this video talk where I answer these 3 questions about Ignition and Activation: What is the difference between Ignition and Activation? How do I know what I am being ignited to do? How do I know when it’s time to Activate?

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