A few months ago, I began really thinking about my thinking.  I was finding that I had a bad habit of slipping into “regret” thinking.  So over the past few months, I have been writing myself some notes on REGRET, so I can break this cancerous cycle of thought and live today to its fullest.  I’m going to share some of those thoughts that are helping me in hopes that someone – anyone – may find the freedom that I’m finding!

(By the way, you should probably know this about me: I believe the Bible to be the final authority for life.  The words of God have made all the difference in my life and are eternal, so I reference them a lot.)

Here’s an accrostic I came up with for REGRETS.

R: Remembering the past in a negative light and Reliving it over and over.

E: Experiencing the repurcussions of trauma and poor decisions

G: Glorifying the power of myself and others over my life and destiny and believing the lie that says, “Goals and dreams will never be achieved.”

R: Rebelling against authority – becoming our own authority, even though, deep down, we really don’t trust our own choices.

E: Enduring and Existing – enduring this life marked by the losses caued by our own and others’ sinful choices; existing in the present while being present in the past.

T: Torturing and abusing ourselves with shame and Tying ourselves to failure.

S: Sapping the effectiveness of our faith through unbelief in the completed work of Christ on the cross.

That’s how Regret seems to affect me.  Any thoughts?  I’ve put together notes on redeeming my regrets that I’ll post at a later date.  Don’t worry, there’s a great light at the end ofthe tunnel!