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  • What a mess! Can God do anything with this??

    What a mess!! Sometimes it’s easy to look at our life and wonder “Can God do anything with this?” We look at all of our faults and question if there is any way that He will ever be able to truly change the mess inside. But the good news is He already has done something […]

  • Thought For the Day: We should REHEARSE all of God’s benefits to ourselves and others

    Thought for the day: Not only should we not FORGET all the Lord’s benefits, but we should REHEARSE all of His benefits OUT LOUD to ourselves and to others.  Speaking about the benefits and blessings of the Lord keeps His presence at the forefront of our minds. It’s too easy to lose sight of God’s […]

  • How to survive the snake bite: Overcoming disappointment

      Lorraine Johnson was taking her usual hike after work in the Santa Monica Mountains when all of a sudden she felt a stabbing pain in her ankle. It took a few seconds to register, but once she realized what had actually happened, it was too late.  She had been bitten by a rattlesnake.  Unfortunately, […]

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