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  • Fruit That Remains: Excerpts from my journals that nourished me and might encourage you, too!

      I live to hear the voice of the Lord. There is absolutely nothing more empowering, uplifting and life-changing for me than hearing the Father, our Creator, our Redeemer talk to me personally about what I am going through.  I yearn to hear His perspective on the external and internal struggles I’m facing and about…

  • Words in Red: John 6:61 – When God offends you

    Words in Red are excerpts from my journal as I have been taking the words of Jesus and letting them speak directly to my own heart. John 6:61  “Does this offend you?” Lord Jesus, I honestly have to admit that there have been many times that I have been offended by You.  When I was…

  • A lesson from my broken toe: Trust the expert

    Trust God’s process

  • No More Naomi: Don’t get stuck in Chapter 19

    Don’t let bitterness, loss or the past define you.

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon

    Finding the anchor for our souls

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