Tag: Laying aside the weight

  • Laying Aside the Weight

    Are there attitudes and thought patterns that are holding you back and weighing down as you try to run your race for the Lord? Do you feel depleted and worn out by the effort of managing the thoughts? The Lord has a better way…but it’s up to us to decide if we truly desire to […]

  • Laying Aside the Weight

    Laying Aside the Weight

    What do you do when you feel wounded by people who don’t even seem to care? What do you do when it seems like those people are going on just fine while you cry, pace the floor and desperately seek a solution? I’ve been walking with the Lord long enough to know that when I’ve been driven to my knees in searing soul-pain, I better make good use of that time on my knees. When I was on my knees, crying and writing in my journal, I heard the Lord say, “Lay it down.”

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