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  • Laying Aside the Weight

    Laying Aside the Weight

    What do you do when you feel wounded by people who don’t even seem to care? What do you do when it seems like those people are going on just fine while you cry, pace the floor and desperately seek a solution? I’ve been walking with the Lord long enough to know that when I’ve…

  • “Grace, grace to it!”: a YouTube message

    “Grace, grace to it!”: a YouTube message


  • What’s the deal with sin? It’s a new day


  • Exterminating shame: Turning shame into praise

    We can be free from the bullying voice of shame. #AnswerTheDoor #Before&After

  • Fierce love repels rocks

    Grace and mercy speak a better word.

  • Extravagant devotion: Drinking in and pouring out


  • Mother’s Day video message for ALL of my WordPress readers, even those who aren’t mothers!


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