Fruit That Remains: Excerpts from my journals that nourished me and might encourage you, too!

  Fruit That Remains: Lessons from my journals. These are excerpts from my journals over the years. Some are more current than others. I love going back into my journals because I always get refreshed and re-learn the lessons that the Lord has taught me and that I have faithfully scribed. I live [...]

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Follow closely, love deeply, obey quickly

This past weekend, I went away to a lovely spot called Rangeley, Maine.  Rangeley Lake is a peaceful yet breathtaking lake surrounded by mountains that seem to take off right out of the lake.  There isn’t one view that isn’t spectacular.  I went up with some friends and we spent a lot of time around [...]

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Extravagant devotion: Drinking in and pouring out

In John Chapter 12, there is a story about how six days before Passover, Jesus went to the home of his three friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus, for a meal.  This story perfectly depicts the roles that these three siblings have adopted with Jesus.  They each have a certain relationship with Jesus and their relationship [...]

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