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  • Faith in the fire: When you love an addict (Part 2)

    Continued from Part 1 The next thing I knew, Gordon wasn’t the focus in the room – I was. They were quickly and efficiently hoisting me up onto a gurney and wheeling me out into the hallway where they left me to come to my senses. I lay there in a stupor of sadness and […]

  • Flight of the Monarch: Guest Blog Post

    Below is a blog written by my friend, Jamie Sasien. I know you’ll be blessed. I look forward to hosting other guest bloggers on my site so stay tuned! As a homeschooling mom of three children I’m always learning.  My girls and I have been studying insects and when we got to the butterflies we […]

  • What a mess! Can God do anything with this??

    What a mess!! Sometimes it’s easy to look at our life and wonder “Can God do anything with this?” We look at all of our faults and question if there is any way that He will ever be able to truly change the mess inside. But the good news is He already has done something […]

  • The New Tapestry: Grieving in God

    I realize that many of my blog readers may not know a lot about me personally. For instance, you may not know that almost 20 years ago my husband of 13 years decided that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore.  We had made a lot of mistakes throughout our marriage, but this […]

  • Mother’s Day video message for ALL of my WordPress readers, even those who aren’t mothers!

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