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  • What a mess! Can God do anything with this??

    What a mess!! Sometimes it’s easy to look at our life and wonder “Can God do anything with this?” We look at all of our faults and question if there is any way that He will ever be able to truly change the mess inside. But the good news is He already has done something […]

  • What About Woundedness: How to Find Healing For Our Soul

    Life wounds every one of us. Disappointments, betrayal, our own mistakes, and the selfishness of others can leave deep and lasting wounds. Oftentimes, we think we have moved on from the situation that caused the wound and feel that time has healed it. It’s just water under the bridge. But underneath the scar tissue of […]

  • Composting our past: Turning our memories into nutrients for today

    I learn a lot of lessons from my garden.  I don’t know why it speaks to me so much, but the Lord uses nature and my garden to teach me some pretty profound concepts. This past month, the lesson involved my compost pile. Almost a year ago, after much cajoling, my husband, created a compost […]

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