Personal Declarations

Below are some of my personal declarations that I have been saying and adding to for over 3 decades! Feel free to borrow any that resonate with you.

This is a good day.

I am a good person whom the Lord cherishes, protects, and delights in.

I am gifted, talented, and intelligent. I am secure in my anointing and abilities.

I am confident that the Lord is in me and with me in all I do, therefore, I am successful. People are drawn to me. People bless me and doors of favor open to me.

I walk confidently and boldly through doors of utterance, and God’s words are filling my thoughts and lips.

I obey instantly when I hear the Holy Spirit speak in my heart.

I am calm and peaceful. Positive thoughts, joy, and peace flood my mind and body. I have energy and motivation for every task because the life of God and the positive energy of God are saturating me. I don’t waste time and energy on fruitless activities.

My sleep and my dreams are blessed and peaceful. I wake up refreshed and happy, anticipating the goodness of God in my day.

My brain produces positive chemicals that give life to my body and draw people to me. I represent the father in Jesus well.

I am aware of negative thoughts and replace them immediately with positive, overcoming God thoughts. The Holy Spirit is revealing to my mind every automatic negative thought and giving me the grace I need to root it out and replace it with God-thoughts.

I am flexible and tolerant of change. I release grudges and bitterness instantly, so that only life and joy are flowing in me.

I do not have ‘black or white’ thinking. Because the life of God is washing over my brain, I have the ability to handle the people and circumstances in my life with grace and tolerance, expecting God, good outcome in all things.

I am as bold as a lion. I do not cower, grow faint, or turn back in the face of obstacles or opposition. I live and move from a position of Thanksgiving at all times.

I am so aware of the love of God for me that I am like a baby, swaddled and tide to its mother.

I am holy and blameless in God’s sight, without blemish and free from accusation. When fear, anxiety, or confusion assail me, I wait on the Lord, and he reveals the way of escape.

I am calm at it and at rest because I am his child. He will not leave me abandoned and powerless or forsake me.

He is pleased with my attempts at obedience, and he throws all of his weight behind my efforts.

I live with godly character and integrity.

I am full of faith in God and a good report wherever I go. People marvel at how positive I am.

I have a servant’s heart. I am compassionate, thinking of ways to bless my family and those around me.

I bring glory to my father by demonstrating him consistently in my world.

I am a winner. I have a winner mindset. Even when I have a setback, I expect to win, so I get back up with optimism. I don’t waste time and energy criticizing myself.

I experience joy, happiness, and peace because I choose to. When I am tired or am experiencing challenges, I set a guard over my mouth. A spirit of self-control helps me speak forth excellent things until my circumstances reflect them.

I am delivered from shame, fear, and control. For my former shame, I receive a double blessing. For my past fear, I received perfect love. For a spirit of control, I received the One who is in control.

I am a matriarch/patriarch of faith and love from my family. I leave a legacy of faith, holiness, and godly victory for my offspring and future generations.

I am a woman/man of worship. As Holy Spirit reveals the character and nature of the Father, I am drawn into deeper and deeper worship.

I make disciples. I go into my world, preaching and sharing the good news of the Kingdom and making disciples. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me for every good work.

I have been made the righteousness of God in Christ. God is on my side. Angels fight for me and protect me.

I do not ever compare myself with anyone. I take joy in my own calling and gifting. I do not covet the luxuries and benefits of others but find simple joy in following my destiny in this life.

I maintain a fixed gaze on the Lord and on eternity. I am renewed in the spirit of my mind, and I put on the new blank which in the likeness of God has been created, and righteousness and holiness of truth.