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  • Words in Red: John 1:47, 48b

    John 1:47 – “Here is a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false.” John 1:48b: “I saw you while you were still underneath the fig tree…” Jesus called Nathanael a TRUE Israelite, one whose religion was honest and came from the integrity of his heart. He wasn’t a showman, but like a solid gold […]

  • Busy, wonderful week

    Have you ever felt like you were walking on air?  Or like everything you touched worked perfectly?  I don’t have that experience all the time, but this week was one of those weeks. I was incredibly busy at work with coordinating meetings, processing reports, assisting colleagues with multiple tasks, arranging travel and wrapping up the […]

  • Words in Red: John 1:42, 43

    John 1:42: “You are Simon, son of John.  You will be called Cephas (Peter).” (Translation of Cephas added by me.) John 1:43: “Follow Me.” “You are Simon, son of John.” = When I read these words, this is the interpretation of what I hear Jesus saying to him: “Simon, your family gave you a name, […]

  • Words in Red: John 1: 38,39

    John 1:38: :What do you want?” Wow, I think it’s so cool that the FIRST words of Jesus recorded in the book of John are, “What do you want?”. That’s powerful. The Creator and Savior of all creation starts out by saying to me, “What do you want?” That’s a loaded question that causes me […]

  • Words in Red in the book of John

    The few months ago, the Lord gave me a creative idea for a devotional tool for my morning devotions.  He showed me that I could take the “words in red” only and let them speak to me.  While I do NOT recommend this as a comprehensive Bible study tool, it has been ministering to my […]

  • Could this be the beginning of something?

    Could this be the beginning of something?

    Today I decided that it’s time start blogging again in earnest! I have so much in my heart that has been stored over the years and so many experiences that could encourage and bless others. I should share what’s in there, and who knows…it might be the very thing that helps someone else find freedom […]

  • Lady healed today

    Today I prayed for a woman’s back to be healed and it was! But that’s only half of the really cool story… You see, for the past four days, I’ve been down with a serious sinus infection. Each morning, when I wake up, the right side of my face hurts so badly that I feel […]

  • What a day!

    Have you ever had a day where you felt like you were swimming upstream all day? Well, that was my day today. Teenagers don’t want to cooperate…when will they see the immeasurable value of my wisdom? And outside endeavors are not lining up as I planned…why can’t everything go my way? Oh, I guess it’s […]

  • 2010: No Regrets

    Over the past few months, I have been writing myself some notes on REGRET, so I can break this cancerous cycle of thought and live today to its fullest.

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