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I put Yard Sale signs up until I ran out of thumbtacks and nails.  Our house is off the beaten path so the signs were my greatest hope of driving Yard Sale traffic to our driveway.  I wanted this stuff that I had so painstakingly washed, folded, assembled, and placed price tags on to GO!  I didn’t want to load those things one more time into my car – even if it was to drive it Goodwill after the Yard Sale.  I wanted happy faces offering me lots of money to take my junk…I mean, my treasures, back to their house.

That was quite a few years ago…

And I know that now after 15 years and 6 kids in this house, when it comes time for John and I to move one day, we are going to have one heck of a yard sale again.  I hope you ALL come!

Seriously though, in order to move to the next place, it is often imperative that we unload a lot of the stuff we have hung on to for years. The interesting thing is that those items seemed so important when we put them in the attic, the basement or the storage unit.  We felt that we couldn’t live without them.  But when it comes time to move them from one place to the next, all of a sudden, it seems a lot easier to lose the stuff than to pack it up!

And that’s what is happening in my heart these days.  The Lord has called for a Yard Sale of the heart. It’s time for me to unload some of the things that I have been holding on to that I wasn’t aware were still hanging around.  I have expectations of myself that I need to let go and allow God to reshape in my future.  I have disappointments and regrets that are gathering dust and cluttering up my heart. I have baggage from life’s messes that needs to get chucked in order to make room for new thoughts and bigger dreams. I have volumes of negative thoughts that I can throw in the trash.  Who wants to lug those around?  It’s time to throw out the old to make room for the new.

And just as in my life I couldn’t get rid of those items until I had somewhere new to move into, I couldn’t release these heart issues until I caught a glimpse of where God is moving me to.  I don’t have the time or the space in my future for this old junk. My heart is getting lean and agile so that I can move quickly and adeptly the moment God says, Go!

God has great plans for me, and I am going to live them out to the fullest. I have to leave this stuff behind. It’s time for a Yard Sale of the heart.  Out with the old and in with the new! What about you?

Do you see the good plans that God has for you? Do you see how your dusty issues from the past, your regrets, your shame, and your disappointments are cluttering up your heart? Would you like to join me in having a Yard Sale of the heart? Let’s dump this junk.  You in?