Good morning and Happy Sunday to all of my faithful and amazing WordPress readers!  I hope you have a crazy-good day today.  You make my days worth waking up for.  Just knowing that you are reading what is being processed through my life, and that you’re getting some benefit from the things I write, brings me incredible satisfaction and joy.

And in case you are not aware – I love hearing your feedback!  When I get feedback from a reader that they have been impacted and encouraged by something I have written, I experience the soaring feeling that I assume a base jumper feels when they jump out of the plane. Blogging – especially regarding the topics I write about – is a jump at 15,000 feet every time. Hitting the Send button on my posts takes a lot of courage. But hearing that you are blessed and strengthened makes every white-knuckled moment worth it! So please keep the feedback coming when you read something that impacts you.  It also helps me gauge what topics to write more about.

And if you like something that you read, please share it on your Facebook page or on Twitter.  I am grateful for the faithful followers that I have currently, but I know there are people in your circles that can be reached if you share the links and your testimony regarding my blogs.  For instance, when a friend shared the link to one of my posts along with a comment about what she was getting out of my blog, 50 additional people went to the site that day and many of those subscribed to the blog. And now if those 50 people would share the link, the circle grows and grows!

Don’t misunderstand me here.  I’m not writing for a following.  I’m writing out of sheer obedience to the Lord.  I know what He has called me to do, and pressing beyond my lack of experience and my trepidation, I am taking steps forward  on this journey.  But I also know that there is a stupendous way to spread good news and great encouragement through social media and I want to leverage that as a good steward of my gift.

So I thank you in advance for sharing the links and, if you feel comfortable doing so, adding your personal experiences regarding the blog posts.  You guys are the BEST!

Lots and lots of love to you,