A few weeks ago. our pastors asked the leadership of our church to fast for three days and pray for the direction of the church for 2016.  We were asked to write down what we heard the Lord say and present it to the church at our weekly Downpour service on Friday, January 1st.

Below is the word that the Lord gave me for our church and for myself personally:

As we come to the close of this calendar year, there are so many who don’t know Me. My Church, my children, are content to pursue their own goals and concern themselves with their own affairs. Please look up.  Please pray for the harvest. Please pray for the laborers to rise up – to stand and be counted. Pray that a church-army will arise that will count the cost and pray the price.

Ask of Me, and I will refine you, purify you, strengthen and embolden you. I will help you and you will do things you can’t imagine in My strength, guided by My Spirit of wisdom and insight.  Healing, miracles, deliverance and salvations are the hallmark of My appearing. Ask for Me to come. Long for Me. Yearn for Me.

Be vulnerable with one another and humble before Me. Position yourselves under the outpouring of My Spirit.  This position is marked by humility, peace, and a broken and contrite spirit.  Wave after wave of My glory will crash over you.  The breakers of My love and acceptance will engulf you.  I AM not small, or weak, or containable. At times, this Consuming Fire, and the magnitude of My Presence may seem to be too much for you.  But I assure you that you can handle it.

Come up higher in Me.  Don’t delay. Push every obstacle aside. Only My Kingdom is needful.  Pray that My church, My body, will get in alignment and take their place in these last days.

Now you:

  • Does that word resonate in your heart?
    • If so, ask the Lord to reveal to you how you can act upon it.  The Lord doesn’t speak just to hear Himself talk. He speaks his words to us in the Bible (the logos word) and through our renewed spirits (the rhema word).  Every word of the Lord is important and carries it’s own ability to bring life.  His word is a seed that will bring forth what God sent it to do (Isaiah 55:11 and Isaiah 61:11).  Our job is only to let that word into our hearts and protect it with our faith.  We can’t make His word happen – that’s His job. But we can  value His word as holy and cooperate with Him.  Valuing His word means that we take it to Him in prayer and ask Him what He wants us to do in order to cooperate with His will.