John 4:23-24 – Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit and His worshipers must worship in spirit and truth.

To worship You, I must live and move and conduct myself by the Spirit. I must approach You with a renewed spirit, empowered and emboldened by truth.  Allowing the Truth to reshape my thoughts, words and actions is an act of worship.  Calling out Who You are is an act of worship.  Call on Who you are to create, shape, define, empower, and infuse me is an act of worship.  Everything I do that exemplifies my growing understanding and blessed acceptance of who You are and Who I am in You is an act of worship.

Even when I have to look at my deficiencies, weaknesses and sinful motives, turning all over to You, confessing it out and coming down low before Your mercy is an act of worship. My humility and admission of powerlessness shows off Your greatness as You forgive, sanctify and strengthen every broken part of me.

Lord God, let me increase as a true worshiper.  I want to be one that You look on with affection and say, “Her heart is truly Mine.”

Now you:

  • What is your concept of worship?
  • Do you consider worship to be something that is accompanied by music and singing?
  • Do you consider worship to be something that is only done in church?

The Samaritan woman had a misunderstanding of worship based on what her religious community taught her. Jesus sought her out to correct her misconception.  He told her that worship wasn’t about a place, nor was it only available to a certain sect of religion.  He said that God is a spirit so He must be approached by people with renewed spirits that have been reconnected to God through Jesus.  Once that re-connection happens (Jesus called it being born again) then true worshipers can access the Father anytime, anywhere.

Because our spirits have been re-born, we now can worship God in everything we do – be it in church, on the job, or at home.  Many times, we make the mistake of dividing our lives into 2 segments – the sacred and the secular.  Jesus never made that distinction.

I recall a time in my walk with the Lord that I thought worship was the slow songs we sing in church after the fast, loud songs.  Thank goodness the Lord showed me what worship really is!  Now I realize that I can worship Him in 5 seconds of wonder as I look at a sunrise; or as I look around the table and am grateful for the assembly of family, friends and good food; or when my husband and I clasp hands and lift up our concerns to the Lord together, recognizing the awesomeness of God who works on our behalf.

God desires for us to know Him and enjoy Him in our everyday lives – in every activity from eating, working, playing and enjoying friendship.  Let’s ask the Lord to help us take down the divider between “sacred” and “secular” so we can worship Him and enjoy His presence everywhere in every moment.