Breakfast of Champions

What do you eat for breakfast?

My current favorite, quick breakfast is what you’re seeing above.  It’s steel cut oats, reduced sugar cranberries, currants, dried prunes or plums, flaked coconut and Coconut almond milk.

I cook the steel cut oats once or twice a week and store them in the fridge because breakfast prep time in the morning is very limited and they take a while to cook.

This breakfast is high in protein, the dried fruit adds enough sweetness, and the almond milk increases the creaminess and adds more protein.  I feel satiated all morning with this yummy breakfast.

Here’s what’s in the bowl:

1/3 cup prepared steel cut oats (I like Bob’s Red Mill)

1 heaping tsp. of dried reduced sugar cranberries, Plum Amazin’ Prunes or Plums, currants (or raisins), and flaked coconut

1/3 cup almond milk (I like Califia, but it’s hard to find.  Make sure to check the calorie content.  Unsweetened almond milk will give more protein with less sugar)

I throw it all in the bowl and nuke it for 1 minute while I clean up and put my ingredients away.  I pour my second cup of coffee, grab the bowl out of the microwave and race upstairs to the shower.

I eat breakfast while listening to podcasts and putting on my make-up and drying my hair.  It’s the only way I can get everything done in the morning that I want and need to!

Favorite Podcasts:

Pastors Ron and Denise Satrape, Christian Life Church: CITL Churches

Steven Furtick, Elevation Church Elevation Church

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church Bethel Church

Levi Lusko, Fresh Life Church Fresh Life Church

Here’s my morning:

4:25: Wake up, throw feet over the edge of the bed and stumble downstairs to the coffee pot

4:30: Begin devotions: reading the Bible, praying, journaling, thinking

5:40: Change into workout clothes and go exercise (Spin – indoor cycling, running, kickboxing, Tabata – circuit training, or miscellaneous exercises in my garage and workout room)

6:45: Run into the kitchen and throw breakfast together

8:00: Head out to work (I know, I take a long time to get ready…wish it was quicker!)

Now you:

  • What do you eat for breakfast?
    • I’m always looking for new breakfast or lunch recipes so let me know what great healthy meals you like to prepare that are quick and easy!
  • What time do you wake up? Do you feel that you accomplish everything in your day that you want to?
    • I used to feel that I could NEVER wake up at 4:25 until a friend said she’d help me by texting me at 4:25 as my accountability partner.  It worked! After 2 days, I was waking up by myself.
    • I’m always challenged when I think about people who have the same 24 hours I do and can accomplish so much with that same amount of time!

Ephesians 5:15-17  (J.B.Phillips)

15-21 Live life, then, with a due sense of responsibility, not as men who do not know the meaning and purpose of life but as those who do. Make the best use of your time, despite all the difficulties of these days. Don’t be vague but firmly grasp what you know to be the will of God.



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