So today is the day after Thanksgiving.  I hope you all had a relaxing day with family and friends yesterday.  As for me, our Thanksgiving was different this year.  It was wonderful – but different.

My husband I are in a season of our lives where all of our traditions are being thrown on their heads and we are being faced with the choice of 1) sit and cry over what we don’t have anymore or 2) create new ways to celebrate our holidays.  So this year we decided to accommodate our family members by hosting our holiday on Thanksgiving Eve.  While it increased my pressure quite a bit (I worked on Wednesday), it was worth it to have our children who live locally and our parents together.

But one thing did not change about our Thanksgiving – I ate way more than I should have, way more than I usually do, and way more than I can metabolize without gaining some pounds.  So what’s the big deal?  It’s a couple pounds, right?  Yes, but here’s the rub.  My husband planned a trip for us to a warm climate a few days from now.  So I will be in a bathing suit in a matter of days and I still feel stuffed!

And since I’m going on vacation, I know I will be off my eating and workout plan.  So I have a choice – allow that to ruin the fun of my trip as I think about how much harder I will have to work when I get home, or just enjoy myself without losing all control.  I like the second option.

I know that the few pounds that will result from Thanksgiving and vacation will come off with calorie monitoring and exercise when I get home.  And for the most part the only person who will notice the extra smidge of weight will be me.

So why am I even concerned about a couple pounds? Here’s why:

1) I’m not getting younger and a couple pounds left unchecked becomes my new normal in no time.  I’ve lost the youthful ability to shed it by one day of being “good”.  I now have to fight it off and stay vigilant to keep it off.

I’ve found this to be true in other areas of my life as well.   When I take my foot off the gas – be it my Bible reading, focus on my marriage or on work – things fall into disarray quickly.  Isn’t it crazy how things never get better without effort, but we can lose our edge in no time with absolutely no effort at all!

2) I found that exercising self-discipline in one area helps me exercise it in other areas as well.  It’s crazy how taking control of myself and my day in one area rolls into other ones as well.  The simple decisions that have become my habits now help me to start my day balanced and focused on the the things that make me strong in my spirit, soul and body.

So yes, I’m stuffed.  I’m sure you are, too!  What can you do today that will take you one step closer to goals and dreams you have for yourself?  You won’t make the whole journey in one day.  But what is one decision you can follow through on today that will help you gain confidence and joy?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Set up some reminders in your phone to: read your Bible, call one friend to check in and see how they’re doing, exercise, pick a healthy recipe for dinner.
  • Set your alarm to wake you up in time to spend time with God  before your day starts.  Ask a friend that also wakes up at that time to text to you to make sure you got out of bed

No matter what you do today, don’t forget to be thankful for every blessing you have, hand over the hard stuff to God who is well able to help you get through it, and love the people around as though today was your last day on earth.  You can’t go wrong with that simple formula. (I’m still working on it myself!)