Have you ever felt like you were walking on air?  Or like everything you touched worked perfectly?  I don’t have that experience all the time, but this week was one of those weeks.

I was incredibly busy at work with coordinating meetings, processing reports, assisting colleagues with multiple tasks, arranging travel and wrapping up the end of the month.  But everything went smoothly and successfully even beyond my efforts.  It’s in those moments that I know that God is working with me at  my job.  I have felt since I started at my new company in January that I had an amazing “business partner” giving me ideas, wisdom, insight into people and situations, calm in the midst of chaos, and favor to cover my errors when they happen!

Just this week, I thought I had made a mistake in how I scheduled an appointment on an important person’s calendar.  This person works out of our office in Europe and his assistant wasn’t available at the hour I recognized my mistake.  I was about to cancel the appointment and start over when I had the gentle thought to stop, be calm, and wait until morning when the assistant would be back in the office before making any changes.  I shot her a note explaining what I was going to do in the morning and left it in God’s hands. When I woke up yesterday, there was a note in my inbox from the assistant that the appointments were all fine the way I scheduled them!  If I had followed the voice of panic, I would have made a mess in this executive’s inbox.  But listening to the voice of my “Business Partner” helped me to let it go and keep calm.  And as it turns out, He was working this all out for my good while I was asleep!

I work for a phenomenal company with incredible colleagues.  I prayed for this job and everyday when I go to work, I thank God for my job and the people I work with.  I really am spoiled.  But to do my best and help this company go to the next level, I have to think on a higher level.  I have to have wisdom and ingenuity from God along with peace, composure and integrity that comes from knowing Him.  My goal is to reflect the Lord in everything I do on my job so that His love for the people I work with and His excellence may be seen clearly and not be impeded through muck in my character!

I hope that you have a job you love – whether it’s raising the next generation of godly leaders as a homemaker, manufacturing, working in corporate America, teaching in a school, or ministry.  No matter where we are today, we all have the same 24 hours and the same opportunities to make our world a more positive place.  There’s so much negativity in this world – let’s let our light shine and expect to be a blessing to those around us.