John 1:38: :What do you want?”

Wow, I think it’s so cool that the FIRST words of Jesus recorded in the book of John are, “What do you want?”. That’s powerful. The Creator and Savior of all creation starts out by saying to me, “What do you want?” That’s a loaded question that causes me to weigh the intents of my heart.  I may say I want one thing, but do my pursuits back that up?

What I want is You, Lord! I want to access the total fullness of relationship with You that You have provided. That is what I want.  Lord, may my life display that desire and may my passion increase with each passing day.  Let there be no confusion as the world looks into my life, what I want, Who I want, and what I”m willing to do to get what I want!

John 1:39: “Come, and you will see.”

Come and you will see. Your words are inviting me to follow you and see great and wonderful things that I cannot even imagine.  You are inviting me to come to you even though I’m not all together.  I’m a mess sometimes.  Your invitation right after your question, “What do you want?”, tells me that you have granted my desire to be filled with more and more of You.  You have opened the way of fellowship and deepest intimacy and now beckon me to come and see Your beauty, Your presence, Your authority and Your kindness.  Who am I that the King to end all Kings and the Lord to end all Lords should rest his gaze on me and say, “Come”? Yet You beckon me to come and see who You are and watch what you do that I may imitate and express Your generous goodness in my world.

Lord Jesus, I want You!

And yes, I will come.  Help me count the cost and stay the course by keeping my eyes on the One I want.